Jenn Bergquist, Minneapolis major medical center spokesperson (who doesn't think she is extraordinaire), expected another ordinary day, as she hurried to what was sure to be another dressing down by another angry nurse and some egomaniac reporter with permanently lacquered hair. In Life Erupted, Jenn still gets yelled at, but she also encounters psychic Bianca Fiona (who is certain she is extraordinaire), a liver transplant candidate on a mission. Jenn thinks Bianca is just barely on the side of sanity, and is sure her rigid Norwegian-American architect father Olaf would think even less.

Jenn warily agrees to Bianca's illogical request that she go to Iceland to work on a documentary with Bianca's famous volcanologist brother, Dr. Tony Fionarello and the intense Icelandic volcanologist Dr. Erik Bjarnason. Once in Iceland, Jenn finds something she never thought she would possess, something she'll need when she is confronted with some decades-old secrets. She can let the revelations plunge her into despair. Or she can take a path far from angry nurses, tense dinners with her father, and worrying about almost anything, at almost any time.

Praise for Life Erupted
"Want to get a snapshot of what life is really like in a major academic medical center from someone who really knows? Mary Stanik is just the guide you need. Funny, racy and honest, she gives you a read that will engage you while showing you that medicine is done by real people in the real world."
Head of the Division of Bioethics and Drs. William F. and Virginia Connolly Mitty
Professor at New York University Langone Medical Center

"Public relations professionals who wonder why they stay in their jobs will want to read Life Erupted, especially those who work in health care. In this fast-turning, wryly hilarious and clever book about a spokesperson who found a new and much more eventful life thanks to a psychic patient, an understanding surgery chief, and an erupting volcano, you may find all sorts of reasons as to why you stay. Highly recommended even to those who have never dealt with a reporter with hair resembling a missile silo and a mouth like a mackerel."
Former national president of the Canadian Public Relations Society